We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We are FAMILY!

So, I thought I would post some fun moments since literally every post has been a tear jerker for me! I do not think I made it through a single post without crying.. and I do not mean just teary eyed, I mean crying.. sometimes HARD!

Marrying Cory, finding Cory, loving Cory has been the most amazing decision I have ever made... He completes me and makes me whole. We are very opposite. I talk, too much.. and he rarely talks.. I love people, he kind of loves people.. Im loud, he's quiet... But we both love... and we both love one another.

I felt most of my life was complete on May 26, 2012. I married my best friend, I have the best family and friends... I was almost done with nursing school... seriously, was there anything else a person could want? Yes, puppies and a baby!

So first, we got a puppy... his name is Krew

Krew took a lot of begging to get... but I finally just got him, and Cory wasn't happy at first... but he quickly fell in love....
Then came Milly...

Milly was a lot of work. I BEGGED, BEGGED, BEGGED, AND BEGGED for her. My friend Ashley Jones' mom owned an animal shelter and she was for adoption.. I wanted Krew to have a friend, but Cory did not like dogs, he only liked Krew....

Finally after WEEKS of begging he got so mad he just said FINE! DO IT!

Well, he now loves these pups more than life itself. I crack up knowing how hard it was to give them, but now Cory wouldn't sell them for one million dollars.

Together, we made a family.

Something was still missing... and that was a baby. I still had an open piece of my heart ready for a child. As you can read from my first post in my blog it was a long but short ride and we decided to adopt... difficult or easy, fertile or non fertile.. we knew we would adopt, the question was WHEN? Now, is what God said... so on August 1 we applied...

we FLEW through the process, were done with the homestudy, matched, and flew to Utah... and this weekend was when my heart and my life was complete. I wish my memaw was here to see him, but shes not.. I know she is looking down from heaven LOVING him and loving our experience this weekend! (I learned some Creole language, which is what she loved and what Haitians speak)

Here is my family (minus Krew and Milly, we'll add them to the photo when we get home)
I cannot be anymore blessed.... Together we make a family and my life is now complete!
Daddy is doing amazing! He didn't have to be told how to feed, and I just showed him one time how to change a diaper and burp.. then he took off! He helps me with nearly every feeding, alternated feedings throughout the night and changes diapers.... yes, even dirty ones ;)
Go daddy!! His poop has already transitioned so it is much easier to clean, and no one has gotten peed on... yet!

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  1. Congrats. I can see that Cory is going to be a hands on DAD CONGRATS HE'S "BEAUTIFUL"