We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The birth of our son

Cory and I spent a couple hours with her prior to delivery, and fortunatley she was very open with me being in the delivery room. My case manager grabbed me (I had stepped out and was in the waiting room praying) and said "she's complete! Get your camera! Lets go!"

I want to keep our BM story to ourselves, but there was a big reason that we got VERY VERY nervous. A close person to her contacted her the morning of delivery, crying, telling her she could keep the baby and started giving her grief. Her strong self told that person no, gave her reasons, and stayed strong. She had a very hard decision to make, but selflessly, thought of the baby instead of herself.

The birth was very emotional. I was terrified... he really may not be mine... how do I act? How can I refrain from grabbing him the minute they swaddle him?

She was a trooper and pushed him out with three small pushes, then the tears came.. I cried and held her hand and she cried. It was the most emotional, terrifying moment I have ever experienced. He was BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT. Apgars 8/9, much smaller than expected, and crying loudly so we knew his lungs were good ;) I praised her and hugged her and we both just cried, somehow knowing what each other was thinking.

Is he ours? I wasn't sure, but I felt like every piece of me was saying he was. Instead of putting my guard up in case she changed her mind, I took the plunge. I told Cory I was in this and would just have to get my heart broken... He was mine until I was told otherwise.

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