We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

6 days and enjoying it

Our birth mom has a doc appointment tomorrow so we will know if there are any significant changes, this will be the last one before delivery! 

She is enjoying her last week in Utah and her and the kiddos are going to Disney on Ice tonight. I wish we could be there enjoying this time with her! 

She chose red lobster, so we will be going there Sunday night to meet her and have dinner. I foresee a sleepless night as I will be sooooo antsy for Monday morning because that is the induction date! 

Remember, she can still change her mind about adoption at any moment... Even once the baby is born she will have 24 hours until "placement" occurs. So please pray for strength and for her as she experiences an emotional few days. 

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