We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our dinner and meeting with the Bm

It was an amazing dinner! She is gorgeous, very cute and we saw pics of her kiddos which are the cutest little boys. They said well have a baby by 4 tomorrow at the latest, this doctor isn't patient. She seems very solid in the decision just unsure if she wants to see the baby much, she said she doesn't want to get attached. But as of now she plans to see keep him during the day an let us keep him at night. So we are def full of emotions. We're terrified... But we are reassured that she cannot keep another baby. 

 I have so much faith in this but still have that voice in the back of my head telling me she can change her mind at any time. 

Signing will be Tuesday afternoon. 24 1/2 hours after delivery. 

We are 48 hours or less from officially having a baby. 

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