We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Putting together special gifts

We wanted to take gifts to give our birth mother and her kiddos. So we decided to make a "relaxing bag." She has had to make multiple difficult decisions and I know this had to of been a very long 9 months, so I found this cute monogrammed bag and stuffed it with bubble bath, eye mask, zebra house shoes, etc. We are giving this gift to her tonight as well as toys, coloring books, and books for her other two kiddos that are here with her.

We ordered an Origami Owl necklace, locket and charms from our dear friend Lauren Martin. I CANNOT wait to give it to her. I am going to write a letter to her tonight, which I know will be soooo hard and at the time of placement I will give her the necklace, a baby book, and letter. The necklace has a mom plate, a diamond cross heart, and three birthstones- two are for her other kiddos and the third is Carter's birthstone.

This will be an open adoption and I am so happy for that. I hope to send her a letter and pictures monthly, and maybe even do yearly trips and visit her and Carter's big brothers.

Well, tomorrow is the day! She will be induced. With my experience this can go quickly or take 24-48 hours... regardless, we are so close to meeting precious Carter.

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