We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


There isn't much to do here in Utah, but the mountains sure are beautiful to see! 

We spent our first day driving into the city and walking around. It was a perfect day, 60 degrees and nice to just get away together and explore. 

I'm a busy body and usually have every day planned...by the minute. So this is difficult for me to just sit back and take each day one day at a time. Cory had me get in the car with him this morning and we just went cruising. We have driven to south Jordan, Salt Lake City, etc. just viewing the mountains and towns and now we are traveling to see the Lake.. Salt lake. 

I just spoke with the social worker and she said everything is going good with our birth mother and her decision to place the baby for adoption is still very solid. Regardless, she def still needs prayer... Lots of prayers. I cannot imagine what she is experiencing! We meet her and have dinner planned for tonight at 5pm :) 

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