We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

God created the path

I can't help but sit here on a Sunday morning and since I cannot be in church, I am siting here thanking God from this hotel room... And reflecting on what has happened. 

July 31 we contacted agencies about adoption and what to do. We contacted the home study agency- all blessings international and our consultant through Christian Adoption Consultants-Tracie Loux. 
 August 1- we recieved the applications and officially started... 
We did our home study, applied to agencies, were matched,  and officially 3 months and 11 days later we had a baby boy born at 3 pm.

I cannot help but thank about how people got placed into my life and how knowing those people led me to my Carter. 
You see, Ethiopia was the route we planned to take (whole story in past posts) and when I was telling some girls at work, at this time had not even told family... A dear friend Autumn Hunt told me to look at her friends blog. 

Other people blogging is why I started. I would sit and read tons of blogs, most about international adoption and just sit and cry. Crying at videos and pictures of the parents getting matched, crying at the first time they met their child, crying over the arrival back home and the airport parties, and just crying over the blessing they were given. I wanted to document my journey so those wishing I adopt could read it and use it as a resource... I never imagined it would have had the impact it did the week Carter was born. 

So when Autumn told me about Sara, I checked it out right away! She was local, and I could ask her questions.. I was so excited!! She had adopted from Ethiopia and was currently in the domestic a adoption process. 

Sara agreed to do our home study and asked to meet at ETC. coffee shop to discuss what I was wanting to do before we began. This was in July. 

She did not want to alter my decision but she wanted to give me info on domestic adoption. I kept refusing, mainly because I thought every state had the same law as KY and there would be a chance my baby could be ripped away 44 days later. But this wasn't the case. 

I finally listened.. And then fell in love. If it wasn't for Autumn and if it wasn't for Sara I would have never started the domestic adoption journey. 

Then comes Tracie, Sara led me to CAC where they soon connected me to Tracie. Because of her I was given the resources and the username and password to check Guardian Angel's available situations...
Which is where I found out about a Haitian baby boy Due Nov 11 and needed a family...

God truly mapped out this road, thankfully! And besides giving God credit, I also have to credit these three ladies for leading me to my son. 

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