We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

From Haiti... To Miami... To Utah... To KY

Well. The day has come... Not for the baby, but for the trip. We left Paducah airport this am at 0545 and plan to arrive in Salt Lake City at 1230. 

We HOPE we have everything haha! I think that as long as we have the important things well find a Walmart or something for the rest if the need arises! 

We got everything checked in and are ready to go! 

A lady in our adoption group referred us to a friend that assisted with our plane tickets! The benefits have been awesome but we were unaware about some of them. We are eligible for THREE checked bags each instead of two! Haha that would have been good to know considering I thought we could only have two total! Our luggage weight could be 70 instead of 50 lbs because of the 1K status and we got the best seats on the plane. 

So far, the trip is going smoothly and perfect but we have just begun.
We will have our rental car ready when we arrive and plan to get checked into the hotel and explore our surroundings. Tomorrow night we have dinner with the birth mom at red lobster then Monday is induction day! 

We brought some gifts for the kiddos and mother so well prolly get those wrapped and ready tonight :) 

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