We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some terms to be familiar with

We've had some wonderful resources and we are being educated on reminding our friends and family of a very important term... "Your own" 

Carter WILL be OURS. So when asking if we will have other children it is important to refer to them as adoptive or biological.. Not " will you ever have children of your own" 

Please keep that in mind :) 

Now for the rest... I wanted to post these terms as I am learning them too! 
When the birth mother chose us that is known as "being matched" pretty self explanatory :) 

Now. When the mother terminates her rights that will be known as "placement" and Carter will go into our custody.

We will go through the ICPC process which will allow us to leave the state of Utah and this can take up to two weeks. 

Six months after "placement" we have to undergo some home study visits and six months later we will " finalize" 

Finalization is when Carter officially becomes a Hamby. Until then, he is ours but we will still have another court appearance 6 months later to complete everything. 

I'm still learning, so as I learn I will update! 

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