We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Friday, October 11, 2013

One month.. what are we doing?

Today is Oct 11th, which means we are exactly ONE MONTH away from meeting our baby boy. I am getting nervous, HA! I pray daily for a healthy child and that he stays inside mommy until his due date..

What are we doing??? UM, Running like chickens with our heads cut off!!! I get my baby in 30 days, we leave for Utah in 28 days. Out of the next 28 days I work 14 days... and I have two showers on my days off which means I only have 12 days until he is due to get things done! This includes schoolwork, house work, packing and paperwork! AHHHH! It def won't go by slow haha!

I cannot wait to fill these empty shoes with his sweet little feet! As you can see, we had some "pregnancy" photos done. Thanks to Teris Moodie! She did a wonderful job, was so prepared and full of neat ideas! Bless her heart, she had a lot to work with, I think I just go downhill every year, getting old stinks ;)

This picture says it all! Waiting, that's what we have been doing for almost a year and a half and wouldn't have it any other way. Of course, we only started the adoption process two months ago and are already expecting him, but from the beginning of trying to conceive to now we have been waiting! I cannot thank God enough for making this process fly by. Of course being matched does not mean it is final... and we are scared to death.
But there is nothing we can do but pray. We pray our birth mother keeps her strength and that it is God's plan for us to have this child.
We pray that the 24 hours at the hospital goes smoothly. In the state of Utah, a birth mother can sign away her rights at 24 hours of age. Our social worker will be there with us and anything can happen. Within the first 24 hours, if the mother still allows me to be in the room and allows me to have a band then we will have access to Carter.
So yes, there is a chance she can change her mind and we never see him.... or we won't see him until after 24 hours... or We could get him and anytime within those 24 hours she can take him back or just ask to visit him and he'll go to her room. Whatever she decides I know it is in God's hand. So yes, I am scared to DEATH! But there is nothing we can do now but pray.
So I am trying to make the most out of every moment and only think the best right now. I pray financially everything works out. We have to pay for 2 plane tickets, possibly 14 nights in a hotel, food and a rental car plus a large loan. As we prayed about adoption and I read, everything said not to let finances prevent you from making the decision... so I am following the Lord and am certain it will work out.
I cannot wait for everyone to meet our baby boy. Please continue to pray for him and his birthmother!

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