We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Friday, October 4, 2013

One of the best days of my life

Today... October 4, 2013 I received a call from the agency: A Guardian Angel. Chris, the sweet lady that works with adoptive parents called me.... I knew what this call was about. She was going to tell me whether or not we were chosen. After having my hopes up, I decided it was best to tell myself we would not get chosen to prevent too much heart break. So when the phone rang, and I saw It was her I ran to my bed and cried. 
I didn't want to answer the phone...
I didn't want to hear that we weren't chosen...

I was getting ready for work; home alone with the pups. Before answering I started crying. Chris was in wonderful spirits but I thought that was just her personality. Then she said it "congratulations!" I couldn't talk.... All I could do was cry. We prayed SO hard for this day and our dream is finally coming true! 
After crying and thanking her, we got off the phone and I had to call Cory. 

This was the funny conversation. I called Cory and was crying so hard with excitement and I couldn't talk. When he answered he could tell I was crying...hard. He started to get on to me, and told me I have to stop getting my hopes up because we will prolly keep getting Nos for a while. I was still crying so hard I couldn't tell him that she DIDN'T say no, she said yes. FINALLY I took a deep breath and screamed CORY SHE PICKED US... YOU'RE GONNA BE A DADDY..... In mid sentence he said "wait? R u serious? Mariah! She picked us? I was getting mad that you were letting yourself get so upset" I died laughing and said no dummy, these are happy tears! 

The mom had SEVEN profiles to chose from and she chose US. I cannot imagine how hard this has been for her. So thank you for praying for her! 

Our baby boy is due Nov 11. More than likely shell be induced a week early and we will fly to Utah the day before and meet her. Then go to the hospital the following day. 

Prayer is a powerful thing. I have wanted to be a mother since I was 2 years old. Cory and I have prayed for a child for 17 months, and it's finally here!! I know he will be perfect! And this would have never been possible without The Lord. Thank you all thanks for any of the financial support we have gotten through orders, thanks for the prayer support for us and the birth mother. I cannot wait to meet our precious child and I cannot wait to hold him and call him our son. We are ready. We are ready for whatever God has planned for us! 

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