We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Monday, October 28, 2013

14 days or LESS

Today is October 28, 2013. This past weekend was pretty amazing, but sooner rather than later we'll have an even more amazing weekend, the weekend we get our baby boy.

First off, let me share some POSSIBLY exciting news... our social worker called today and said our birth mother's doctor's appointment has been moved to tomorrow because she is having Braxton hicks contractions and they want to make sure everything is okay. It's not uncommon, its actually a common thing for pregnant women to have Braxton hicks. Braxton hicks are not true labor pains or contractions but is usually the baby "dropping" and they become more frequent throughout pregnancy. This could not mean anything or she may go tomorrow and be making progress... we'll see! She is officially 37 weeks today!

We had a baby shower yesterday and it was AMAZING!! We have received so much love and support, it amazes me. This has been a difficult road, and we are about to experience either the best time of our lives or one of the worst (if she changes her mind). Nothing will get us through this other than prayer and the support of our loved ones.

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