We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

29 days...

We are 29 days away from meeting our little man... Unless his momma delivers early. 
Carter is growing in my heart each and every day. When Cory and I lay down at night and have family time, which consists of the puppies laying on one of us and wanting a good belly and back rub before bed. This is the time that we lay and talk about our day and the plans for tomorrow... And it has now become the time that we discuss Carter.

I'm realizing how much my life is about to change and how crazy it is to already love something/someone so much who isn't even here yet. 

I cannot wait to experience every moment of his life. His first tooth, his first haircut, his first steps, and his first date. 

We have even joking about who's boy he is going to be. I def think he will be a mommas boy, but I'm sure he'll always think daddy is more fun. When it comes to the pups, Cory is always the one who gives them treats and table scraps and when they act up he makes me get on to them... For some reason I think he'll do the same with Carter, haha! 

As always, we are praying this experience continues to move along smoothly and that we will hold our boy very soon! 

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