We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A middle name was chosen!

Cory and I named Carter pretty easy. I made a list... forever ago! I have a folder in my phone and put boys or girls names in it all the time as I come across unique ones that I like.

Carter was always one of my favorites. I had narrowed his name down to Carter, Maddux, or Miles. I asked Cory to make a list and he quickly responded with " I don't see why we dont name him Carter, I really like that name and it's on your list." No arguing there... Carter it will be!

Unfortunatley, Carter doesn't have an awesome meaning. It means " To drive a cart" haha. So who knows, maybe that means hell be a Nascar driver or something.

Next... The middle name! This was a tuffy! I wanted a really "weird" "unique" name. Cory had some good ones, but none of them would stick. We sent messages back and forth daily of ideas, talked about it, looked up ideas and none of them were what I was looking for.

Cory threw out the name Ryan.. Carter Ryan Hamby ... I liked it... I liked the name Ryker, so my idea was to make up a name and combine Ryker with Ryan and name him Carter Ryken Hamby. It looks cool doesn't it?

Cory quickly threw that name out haha!

We finally narrowed it down to: Carter Nolan, Carter Deshan, or Carter Elijah.

Elijah means " The Lord is My God"

The name flows... and how awesome is that meaning? The LORD is My God and he has been my rock through this process. Without a doubt, this would be his name.

We didn't use any names from family members, mainly because we didn't want to hurt anyones feelings and we thought we wuld come up with names that we just really liked, that made it fun!

One request from our birth mother was that Carter: "Loves God" How perfect is his middle name now? I plan to raise him in church and raise him to be a Godly man. My discipline will be be based on the bible and Carter will know that The Lord is HIS God.

32 Days away from my sweet babies due date.... Beyond Excited!!

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