We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our first presentation to a mother

I cut off some of the information, but this is a photo of what I saw on our website... Yes a BOY, yes he's Haitian, and YES we want him! He is due Nov 11, 2013! 

So. I contacted the agency, left a voicemail, sent an email and quickly called my consultant. Tracie was amazing and quickly told me what all to get together! The contacted me the following day, TODAY and gave us all the mothers information and background. The whole situation is PERFECT!! I feel God has led us here and this match is for us! We will see! Chris, from the agency was the sweetest woman ever and told us what to send and Cory and I ran to FedEx and overnighted the goodies! We will know any day if she says yes or no to us... I'm praying.... I'm praying this is our match and I'm praying for the strength if we do not get picked and I pray that God makes it crystal clear to the mother and leads her to the right decision. I know Gods timing is perfect so I am ready when he is! 

This is an exciting update to share with you. Please pray with us!!! 

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