We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gifts for the trip!

I was soooo excited when Morgan, a co worker told me about this plane ride idea on Pinterest. Of course, regardless of my busy schedule.. I looked it up and fell in LOVE! 
At 3:30 AM Chelsea and I were up embroidering so we decided to start and finish the project! These are goodies as "apologies" (if he's bad on the plane) for the nearby passengers! We may give a few out on the large plane but def plan to give everyone on the plane ride into Paducah a treat! And yes, we get to fly into Paducah! And OUT of Paducah! woo hoo! 

Filling up the treat bags with candy and a pair of ear plugs 
Chelsea working hard 
Tying some ribbon. Krew (my puppy) never leaves my side, bless his heart he's trying to stay awake! Milly (my other puppy) on the other hand, is sound asleep with her daddy! 

Soooo excited to hand these out! Thanks Pinterest! Well hopefully be coming home with our baby boy very soon! Today was our birth mothers doctors appointment and she hasn't dilated any and everything looked great! We got a recording of his heart beat today and our B-mom said she will give us ultra sound pics! What a blessing! Thanking God each and every day for leading us down this path :)

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