We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Where are we in the process?

We finished everything on our end within about 15 days! Our FBI clearance, sexual abuse, and all the checks came back and all that's left is our last homes study visit. We bought a carbon monoxide detector and a couple more smoke detectors and are now ready! Our social worker has been on vacation so next week is our scheduled date! Once it is over we are looking at 1-2 weeks for final confirmation and review then we are DONE DONE DONE! Guess what this means?!? We go on the waiting list!! Our wonderful consultant, Tracie Loux has begun our profile(the book of photos and info that the birth mom will see and how she chooses us) and sent us a sneak peek. Let me tell you, she did AMAZING! We requested the colors of his nursery and it is very appealing!

* Don't daddy and big brother and sister look precious?!? Just waiting for Baby Hamby to come home then we will be complete :)

Once we go on the list, we could get chosen in one day and fly to the location and have a baby shortly or it may be months. We do not expect it to be more than 3 months to get matched. The arrival of our baby will depend on when the mother is due, so it is definitely up in the air! I bought a diaper bag and we are working on having it packed and ready in case of a situation that could arise and need adoptive parents the following day. Fingers crossed and prayers are said daily!

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