We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fingerprinting, medical form, animal safety... What's next?!?

Well... Today has been another awesome day! I feel like we are moving right along and going quickly! I had to do my fingerprinting today. Mine and Cory's are on file due to our jobs but I guess people can change their fingerprints so we had to do them again. Cory's appointment is improv and mine was today. It was so easy! In the past you did them on paper and it could take up to 11 weeks to process... This would be what would hold up a lot of people's home study... Thanks to technology we make our appointment online through a FBI clearance site and we went to the Cartridge Shoppe in Paducah and electronically scanned our fingerprints in! By the time I made it home (10minutes) my report of a criminal history (I didn't have one ;)) was already sent to me! We literally went from an 11 week wait to a 10 minute wait! 

I picked up our medical report, it had to be notarized and printed on the clinic's letterhead. We took Milly to the vet water day and her and Krew were cleared as safe animals so we got that paper signed. 

We paid the home study agency today! This means we are done with EVERYTHING as far as the home study goes except our references have to send on their paper and we need to have the second/last home study visit. Our social worker will type up our home study which may take a week, it gets reviewed then we are DONE! 

What does this mean?!? It means we submit our profile (our consultant is making us one to show to potential birth moms) and our home study then wait and pray for a match! We're soooo stinkin close! Thank you for the prayers! We cannot wait to get our little boy! 

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