We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Carter's Nursery is complete. All we need is our sweet boy!

Some people may say I am crazy for going ahead and doing this, but we could get him ANY day... Yes, we may go through failed adoptions and it may take a year, or two, or more... or it may take one day. WHO KNOWS? But going into this nursery and walking by it every day gives my hope. It gives me faith that one day, I will be a mother and a sweet boy will be in that room. The decision to buy baby items and complete a nursery has helped me and made this "adoption pregnancy" more real. 
Cory put up the crib, so kuddos to him! Chelsea and I handmade nearly everything in baby Carter's nursery. The time spent on this was sooo worth it! Not only did it build mine and Chelsea's friendship, but it made the nursery SO special knowing mommy helped make it!

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  1. What a gorgeous room. I really lov the colors. Never thought that the orange and blue would be so kewl together.