We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hearing from Carter's birth mom

It's been difficult getting in touch with Carter's birth mom. Cory and I mailed a lot of photos and a letter about five days after we returned to our home in KY. 
I misread the paper and mailed the items to the part of the agency that we mailed the other things to, when I was supposed to mail them to the post placement address. We spent a couple weeks thinking she may have changed her mind or we thought she was going through the grieving process which was totally understandable. We missed her. 

She doesn't know our last name, the agency works to keep privacy the best they can. Therefore we do not send direct letters to one another... We send them to the agency and they forward them so we do not know addresses either... It takes longer for things to arrive but it's worth our safety. 

Tonight 12/29 after resending a package and asking the agency to give her a couple things, we heard from her! It was amazing to hear how much she loved us and she was beyond excited to get all the photos and the letters. She gave Carter her love, and I know one day he will appreciate it. The most touching part was her telling us to tell Carter she loves him and he had her heart. 

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