We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Minority Domestic Adoption

We planned to pursue an international adoption because of all the stories we had heard, apparently if we wanted an infant overseas was the only way to go. We didn't want to fall in love and raise a child and fear every day that the parents would come fight back for him or her.... This is what we thought adoption was in the US so we decided to stay far far away!

Cory and I have learned so much through this process. We went to apply for pre approval applications for international adoption and little did we know the ONLY locations in this entire world, other than the US that we were eligible for was Uganda and Ehtiopia. WHY?!? The eligibility requirements blew us away. To adopt from China, both parents have to be 30 years old... to adopt from Haiti, both parents must be 35 years old. Other countries had marriage requirements so we either had to be married 3 or 5 or 10 years... Fortunately, Ethiopia was a top option for us so we chose it! Full of excitement, we found an agency and told our family and was ready to start this long journey. The agency we chose was estimating 14-19 months and the baby would be home.

Ethiopia started having issues a couple years of go and there are a lot of unethical adoptions going on that is making things harder and longer. We received an update from our Agency that there was a new law going into affect so now we are looking at 2-3 years before our baby comes home or before we are even matched. This was not something we wanted to continue, so before we paid the agency and begun we backed out and found a new plan....

HERE WE ARE! We have officially chosen the adoption route, one I NEVER thought I would do but that was because I had NO knowledge of it! We could not be anymore excited about our decision to pursue minority domestic adoption! This means we will have a newborn and we will be adopting within the US.

We have applied with All Blessings International to begin our home study. So, once that's done we submit papers and wait for our match, we are going for a minority child and the agency is in the US so once our birth mother is in labor well go to the state to get our baby and spend a few days in the hospital with it then bring home our newborn! Yes there are risks of the mom changing her mind but they are lower because the agency counsels them. The mom picks us using our profile, then they send us her info and we decide if we want to accept. I plan to share alot of information about this journey but our birth moms information will not be shared, we feel that it is important to protect her and our baby. The mom could be in third trimester, just found out she is pregnant or due in a week it could be quick or a few months! But because minority adoption is needed so badly and were first time parents we should get selected quickly (we hope at least!).  It's a Christian agency that is in desperate need of parents for minority children. There is a risk of emotional letdown if the mom changes her mind (once the papers are signed in 48-72 hours there is no turning back), which is less risky if you find a good agency that counsels the mom, so support through prayer is all I could ever ask from anyone! 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about how we are adding the new addition to our family! Now time to hurray and get the nursery done!!

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