We're Adopting!

We're Adopting!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Beginning our Adoption Journey

I couldn't be anymore excited to write this first post because it means that we are EXPECTING! I cannot wait until the day that this "adoption pregnancy" is final and we get to hold our sweet baby in our arms forever! One of the best parts about this process is that Cory and I have an entire community with friends and family supporting us through prayer and encouragement. We are so blessed!

Now, let's back up. I'm sitting here telling you about the excitement of the end of our adoption but I haven't even told you about how we decided to pursue this journey.

Cory and I have been together since I was 14 years old. He is my love and high school sweet heart and of course my best friend!! We could not wait until we were stable enough with jobs and finances to get married and quickly start a family. We discussed adoption years ago and always said we would adopt 1-2 as well as have our own biological children. Well, we attempted to expand our family as soon as we for married. Months and months passed and we were getting negative pregnancy tests and negative news. We then found out I had PCOS, which isn't the end of the world but it is one of the leading causes for women infertility. After months of meds, we still had no luck. I started additional meds and we went through testings and every month it seemed like something new was found out that required more meds to be able to get pregnant. After 14 months of trying we found out are more than likely looking at artificial insemination, which doesn't have the highest chances of working or in vitro. So yes, we can have biological children...our baby makers work, just not very good... It's just gonna take lots more work and many months. It has been so emotionally exhausting that we were ready to take a break... It's so hard to want a baby so bad and not be able to have one we planned... But this is why I continuously turn to the bible and remind myself that it's not about MY plans it's about GOD'S plans. 

Why not adopt first? For months we discussed when we should adopt... do you adopt before or during or after biological children, or does it even matter? All this trouble kept making me realize that God has called us to adopt first and we are totally fine with this calling!  I started praying about whether or not to adopt first back in January and we now feel that it is time to pursue an amazing journey. So here we are! 

Through friends and coworkers, God has led some wonderful people in our lives, ones that have adopted and have become a wonderful resource to us. So we begin.... the lives of parenthood....

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